Peer Leaders


The LEAP Peer Leaders Program works with middle and high students in developing the academic mindsets and confidence needed to succeed in school and life. We help students develop their potential as leaders today, and community leaders tomorrow. Using fun and engaging curriculum, the programs weekly lessons focuses on one of our four core elements- college awareness/readiness, leadership, civic engagement, and community service.

Our LEAP Program Coordinators are assigned different schools where they work with Latinx students to help them complete graduation requirements as well as support them in the college and scholarship application process. Students also learn about Latinx culture and history that they wouldn’t otherwise get from their school. 


College Awareness & Readiness

Peer Leaders become aware of the importance of leadership, how to develop leadership skills, and how effective leadership can improve people’s lives, their schools, and their community. 

Peer Leaders learn and understand the relationship between academic achievement, higher education, and their future careers. This is why we help students learn about high school and beyond plans, college admission standards, and applying and paying for their education beyond high school. Student create short-term and long-term educational goals, and are exposed to ways to manage their time and get the most out of their education.

Civic Engagement

Community Service

Peer Leaders understand the value of civic engagement and how their participation can benefit families, schools, and communities. Lessons include identifying the needs of the community, public speaking, and debating an issue. Peer Leaders have been known to run for ASB, and the school board to support an issue, and testifying in front of the state legislature.

Giving back to the community is a big part of the program. In the program students are provide with tools and guidance to identify and create service projects for their community.