Mission & Vision

History of Leap

The Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (LEAP) is a program of Sea Mar Community Health Centers. LEAP works with community leaders in the movement for justice and equity through civic engagement programing, increased educational opportunities and advocacy and community initiatives. LEAP is determined to improve the academic achievement and civic engagement of Latino/a students with the collaboration and support of school district teachers/administrators, k-12 and college students as well as parents and legislators

In addition to continuing advocacy activities that LEAP began in 1998, we plan to seek funds to develop direct educational services that will help Latino students prepare for and graduate from high school and college.

Currently, LEAP provides student leadership activities for high school and college students, and sponsors an annual 2 – day educational conference and legislative day. Among other activities at the conference, students participate in workshops, engage in peer-to-peer discussions, serve as leaders and presenters, and travel to the state Capitol in Olympia to meet their elected representatives and discuss education policies.

Beginning in October of 2010, LEAP was incorporated within Sea Mar as part of Sea Mar’s Education Department

Our Mission

Improve academic achievement of Latino/a students in Washington State. 

Our Goal

All students will graduate from high school with the skills and confidence needed to qualify and complete post-secondary training in colleges, universities, and/or vocational institutions.

Our Strategy

Using LEAP’s state-wide network of educators, community leaders, and students, develop educational policy priorities to improve teaching and learning in Washington State. Policy priorities are proposed to state and national elected officials, and local educational entities— school districts, colleges, and universities. 

Motivate and help students to become leaders who are engaged in public policy, government, and their communities. Seek funding for and implement educational programs that can help Latino/a students improve academically, ranging from pre-school to colleges and universities.